As someone that likes to experiment with sound and approaches to making music I have, over the years, come up with some new innovations. Some wild FX pedals to a wired pick for the guitar. My main concept through this time is something I have named The Guiboard.

This is a patented instrument that I invented which uses a keyboard and a guitar neck. The Keyboard is MIDI and the guitar neck has wired frets with one guitar string.


If a note or chords are played on the keyboard e.g. an E note that is what sounds. But if the string is fretted on e.g. the fifth fret the E changes to an A. It has been modulated up to A by the string.

This makes it a hybrid MIDI controller. I am seeking to develop this concept further so if anyone is interested, please contact me.


Below are some video examples of the Guiboard in action:

The Velvet Spires - Empty Spaces
Guiboard mkII prototype
Guibo - "Big Bubbles"